Our business model

We are a fintech platform group that offers a wide range of financial services and has been in business since 2014.

NEO Finance, the first company of the NEO Finance Group that began operations, is the largest peer-to-peer lending platform in Lithuania. It manages the Paskolų Klubas brand, offering investment opportunities for citizens of the European Union, the Free Trade Association and the European Economic Area. It is also a licenced provider of payment initiation, account information and other payment services, under the Neopay brand.

In 2019, the Dutch subsidiary NEO Finance B.V. was added to the group, as a basis to attract investors from the Benelux countries for loans issued on NEO Finance’s inter-lending platform.

The group’s third company, FinoMark, began work in early 2021, when the Bank of Lithuania included the company on its list of crowdfunding platform operators. The FinoMark platform features a fundraising and investment model that streamlines the funding process and gives end users a more efficient, value-added solution.

The NEO Finance Group is proud of its business model, which in each company focuses not on quick profit but rather long-term earnings. Our aim in both P2P lending and crowdfunding is not just to issue loans, but to grant the kind of loans can truly be expected to be repaid. It is in the group’s interest to ensure that every payment is made and that every debt is recovered, since that is the only way we will get any profits.