CORRECTION: NEO Finance, AB financial information reporting dates in 2022

NEO Finance AB
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NEO Finance, AB (hereinafter – the Company) informs that the Company has made a decision to merge quarterly sales and financial reports into the single report. Accordingly, the Company provides an updated calendar for the announcement of 2022 performance results:


Date Reporting Information
14 January 2022 Sales report for 2021 Q4
15 February 2022 Interim financial information for the year 2021
31 March 2022 Audited financial statements for the year 2021
29 April 2022 Interim financial information for 2022 Q1
29 July 2022 Interim financial information for 2022 H1
31 October 2022 Interim financial information for 2022 Q3


Head of Adminstration
Paulius Tarbūnas