Enlight Research initiate coverage on NEO Finance AB

Enlight Research initiate equity research coverage on NEO Finance AB. The report can be downloaded for free on the Enlight Research website or on NEO Finance website. In the future, Enlight Research aims to publish two reports per year on NEO Finance AB.

“We always aim to provide transparent and comprehensive information to our investors, and being added to the Enlight Research coverage is yet another major step in achieving this”, said Evaldas Remeikis, chairman of the Board at NEO Finance AB.

Mattias Wallander, the founder of Enlight Research said, “We are happy to announce that Enlight Research will help NEO Finance AB to communicate its investment story. Especially, as there are a lot of new exciting dynamics in NEO Finance AB’s marketplace, where P2P lending and Payment initiation services are converging.”

About NEO Finance AB

NEO Finance AB was established in 2014. The company has full E-money institution license issued by the Bank of Lithuania, also holds peer-to-peer lending license, and is registered as consumer lending provider. The company runs P2P platform “Paskolų klubas” and provides payment initiation and account information services under “Neopay” brand name. It’s PIS/AIS license is passported to the EU. In 2020, NEO Finance AB has acquired the crowdfunding platform “FinoMark”, which started operations in February 2021.

About Enlight Research

Enlight Research helps issuers communicate their investment story and gives investors insights to support their investment decisions. Our vision is to create a fair investment environment where high-quality research is available to ALL. Our success is visible on the Baltic Stock Exchange where the majority of the well-known listed companies have joined our platform and readership have gone from hundreds to thousands.


Interim Head of Administration
Aiva Remeikienė
El. paštas: aiva.remeikiene@neofinance.com