Interim Report and Interim Financial Statements for Six-month period ended 30 June 2019

NEO Finance AB
Interim information

In 2019 H1, the company considerably increased the volume of loans issued, reaching EUR 9.04 M and, compared to 2018 H1 grew by 47%. Likewise, the income grew to EUR 796 K versus EUR 424 K in 2018 H1 (88% growth). Company’s EBITDA decreased and in 2019 H, was EUR -295,580, whereas in 2018 H1 it was EUR -113,004. Accordingly, the net profit in 2019 H1 was EUR -359,988, compared to EUR -164,011 in 2018 H1.

Payment initiation service (PIS) was growing rapidly. In 2019 H1, the company performed over 1.5 M transactions, compared to 0.012 M transactions in 2018 H1. Accordingly, primarily due to the increase in PIS volumes, payment-activity-related revenue increased more than 10 times, from EUR 5.5 K in 2018 H1, to EUR 63.1 K in 2019 H1.

Interim financial statements and interim report of NEO Finance, AB (legal entity code 303225546, address: Verkių 25C-1, Vilnius, Lithuania) for six months period ended 30 June 2019, as well as Confirmation of responsible persons, are ready for acquaintance in the attachment.

Aiva Remeikienė

Head of Administration
T.: +370 620 33313

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