NEO Finance, AB sold 14.5 percent of FinoMark, UAB shares

NEO Finance, AB (legal entity code 303225546, registered office address A. Vivulskio st. 7, Vilnius, hereinafter – the Company), which owns 100% (30,250,000 units) of FinoMark, UAB (company code 305538582) ordinary registered shares, on July 1, 2021, by the decision of the Head of the Administration, which was approved by the Board of the Company, was decided to sell 14.5% (4,386,250 units) of FinoMark, UAB shares for nominal value (total: EUR 43,862.5) by signing sales agreements with GBR CAP, MB (legal entity code 305789129) and MI Invest, MB (legal entity code 305599119).

For GBR CAP, MB sold 7.5% (2,268,750 units) and for MI Invest, MB – 7% (2,117,500 units) of FinoMark, UAB registered shares.

The decision to sell the shares of FinoMark, UAB to the above-mentioned legal entities was made in order to motivate the employees who contributed to the successful development of FinoMark, UAB: the sole member of GBR CAP, MB is the head of FinoMark, UAB Gražvydas Balčas, as well the head of MI Invest, MB Markas Krasovskis performed significant initial programming work and still plays the role as an advisor on the development for the platform. The sold share are intended to encourage their further involvement in the development of the platform.


The head of administration

Aleksėjus Loskutovas