Paulius Tarbūnas joins the NEO Finance management team

Paulius Tarbūnas, a professional with many years of experience in the fields of banking and finance, joined the management team of the fintech company NEO Finance. He will lead the company’s Open Banking Department in developing the Neopay brand.

P. Tarbūnas has been working in the fields of banking and finance for more than 25 years. He led the Fintech Lithuania Group, which is part of the information and communication technology association Infobalt, where he was responsible for the group’s development, its publicity in Lithuania and abroad, legislative initiatives and developing the fintech community. Prior to that, P. Tarbūnas managed and led a project to establish the joint central credit union Kreda, and for 20 years he held various management positions at SEB Bank in the Baltic States and Ukraine.

“I welcome the opportunity to join the NEO Finance team and I look forward to embarking on ambitious work with Neopay, both in terms of developing open banking products and services, and entering foreign markets,” said the new Head of Neopay.

Before Mr Tarbūnas joined the company, the Open Banking Department was headed by Aleksėjus Loskutovas, who became NEO Finance’s CEO in February this year.

“We are extremely pleased to have been joined by an expert with such vast experience in the field of finance. Open banking projects are currently trending across Europe, so we are aiming to pay more attention and allocate our resources to this project. In light of Paulius’ achievements and the work he has done so far, I can safely say that he has all the qualities needed to be a professional leader of the Open Banking Department. We have no doubt that assigning Paulius to this position is a very important step for our company that will open up new opportunities for the development of Neopay in Europe, while allowing us to maintain our current position as the leading payment initiation service in the Baltic States,” A. Loskutovas commented.

Over the six years of its operations, NEO Finance has developed Paskolų klubas – the largest P2P lending platform in Lithuania. Three years ago, the company started operating the payment initiation service Neopay. It has also expanded its operations in Lithuania and 7 other European Union countries. In 2019, the shares of NEO Finance have been listed to trading on Nasdaq Baltic First North market. In June 2020, NEO Finance was elected as a Company of the Year in the field of lending, investments and P2P, at the Fintech Week Lithuania 2020 awards that were held in Lithuania for the first time. Furthermore, last summer, NEO Finance acquired the crowdfunding platform FinoMark.

Aleksėjus Loskutovas
Head of Administration