Regarding the change of the Head of administration of NEO Finance, AB

The meeting of the Board of Directors of NEO Finance, AB (code 303225546, address A. Vivulskio st. 7, Vilnius, hereinafter – the Company) held on 29 October 2021 made following decisions:

  1. Pursuant to paragraph 37.3 of the Republic of Lithuania Law on Companies and paragraph 104 of Labour Code of the Republic of Lithuania, to remove Aleksėjus Loskutovas from the position of the Head of Administration as of 29 October 2021.
  2. To temporarily appoint Aiva Remeikienė, who is currently member of the Board of Directors, to the position of the Head of administration from 30 October 2021.
  3. Pursuant to Republic of Lithuania Law on Electronic Money and Electronic Money Institutions and Resolution of the Bank of Lithuania No. 03-181 “On The Approval Of The Guidelines For The Assessment Of Members Of The Management Body And Key Function Holders Of Financial Market Participants Supervised By The Bank Of Lithuania”, to provide the Bank of Lithuania with the necessary documents and information about Paulius Tarbūnas in order to obtain the approval of Bank of Lithuania for his candidacy. After the Bank of Lithuania confirms that Paulius Tarbūnas may hold the position of the Head of Administration of the Company, the Board of Directors will make a decision to appoint Paulius Tarbūnas as the Head of the Administration as of the date established in that decision.

Aleksėjus Loskutovas joined NEO Finance in 2018, developing the payment initiation service Neopay. After the Bank of Lithuania approved his candidacy, A. Loskutovas in 2021 February 19 was appointed the official head of the Company’s administration and has so far successfully grown and represented NEO Finance.

“Aleksėjus competence and hard work in achieving the Company’s strategic goals and business development have made a significant contribution to the Company’s growing results. His previous achievements in the field of open banking department did not call into question his ambition and mature management experience. So the decision to appoint Aleksėjus as the Head of the administration of the Company undoubtedly brought only positive changes for the NEO Finance. On behalf of the whole Company, we are grateful to Aleksėjus for his significant contribution, consistent pursuit of goals, smooth teamwork, and most importantly, his belief in the future of the company and the team’s inspiration to resolutely strive to become market leaders. We sincerely wish Aleksėjus the greatest success in pursuance his future plans,” comments Evaldas Remeikis, Chairman of the Board of NEO Finance.

P. Tarbūnas has been working in the fields of banking and finance for more than 25 years. He led the Fintech Lithuania Group, which is part of the information and communication technology association Infobalt. Prior to that, P. Tarbūnas managed and led a project to establish the joint central credit union Kreda, and for 20 years he held various management positions at SEB Bank in the Baltic States and Ukraine.

It is expected that after the approval of P. Tarbūnas’ candidacy by the Bank of Lithuania and his appointment as the Head of Administration by the Board of the Company, P. Tarbūnas’ international and long-term experience will ensure the successful development and growth of the Company.

Evaldas Remeikis
Chair of the Board of Directors