The company has successfully issued first part of private bond offering

With the first issued emission, “NEO Finance,” AB released EUR 980,000 worth of bonds from the planned 2 million EUR under the bond program announced on November 8, 2023.

The value of the first part of the issued bond offering is 980,000 euros, which was bought by 6 private investors due private bond offering and 10.5% annual interest rate of bonds will be payable to investors quarterly. The nominal value of one bond is 10 thousand euros. This bond issue was issued for a longer term, i.e. 3 years, so the redemption date for the bond offering is November 24, 2026.

Company shall pledge a set of assets, i.e. the claim rights to the funds to be lent to third parties arising from the consumer credit and loan agreements concluded by the Company with third parties in an aggregate amount not less than 125% of the nominal value of the Bonds issued.

The attracted investments will be used to develop all business lines managed by NEO Finance, AB and to achieve higher sales growth.