The subsidiary NEO Finance B.V., serving investors from the Benelux countries, plans to invest more than 2 million EUR into the loan portfolios of Paskolų klubas and FinoMark.

Since 2019, NEO Finance, AB has established a subsidiary, NEO Finance, B.V., in the Netherlands, which aids in attracting capital from investors in the Benelux countries and intends to invest over 2 million EUR in the upcoming year. 

The investments will be directed into consumer loans issued through the ‘Paskolų klubas’ (known to foreigners as NEO Finance) platform, financed in accordance with the approved Conflict of Interest Resolution Policy. 

Another portion of the investments will be allocated to finance small and medium-sized business loans through the ‘FinoMark’ crowd-funding platform. In implementing these investments, measures stipulated in the ‘FinoMark’ Conflict of Interest Avoidance, Identification, and Management Policy will be followed, to ensure that the investments are made under the same conditions as for other investors. 

‘We established the subsidiary NEO Finance, B.V. in the Netherlands with the objective of attracting investors from the Benelux countries. Over five years, the number of retail investors from these countries has significantly increased, and we have also succeeded in attracting larger investors who are investing substantial amounts into loans provided in Lithuania. Attracting capital from the Benelux countries is a clear recognition of our platforms, demonstrating their appeal not only in Lithuania but also internationally. We understand that to grow in the consumer, small, and medium-sized business loan markets, we must ensure rapid loan financing. I believe that with a greater loan offer on our platforms and the involvement of additional institutional investors, retail investors will be able to employ their funds much more quickly,’ says Evaldas Remeikis, CEO of NEO Finance, AB