The board of the company consists of 4 members.

Evaldas Remeikis

Chairman of the Board

With a wealth of business experience, he is board member at various companies. Among his most interesting and most significant career achievements is his participation in the creation of successful companies that operate in the technology and finance industry, and investments in startup companies. For Evaldas, everything is built on a solid foundation and there has been a lot of effort put into NEO Finance.

Aiva Remeikienė

Member of the Board

Aiva has a sound experience in the management of successful financial service companies. The list of her most significant occupational achievements includes managing a company providing financial services which, after six years of its activity, became known, well rated, achieved great results and continues to grow. Aiva believes in success of NEO Finance because it has a strong and experienced team.

Marius Navickas

Member of the Board

Marius, who has a masters in Economics, previously worked at a bank, where he held managerial positions of different departments in the field of risk management. He also gained professional experience while working in an external audit company. After passing the qualification exams of the "CFA Institute", Marius is a member of the international association of financial analysts. One of Marius's aims at NEO Finance is to contribute to the development and improvement of services for users of the mutual lending platform. He is driven forward by the faith that it will be possible to stay at the forefront by keeping the team motivated, constantly improving and creating new possibilities in this fast-developing market.

Darius Samuolis

Member of the Board

Having over 20 years of international experience in leading and developing various size organizations, business management processes, sales, finance and human resources, D. Samuolis is an experienced business consultant, innovator, board member, and team coacher. His most notable achievements include coaching more than 100 c-level executives, implementing more than 50 successful business strategies, and achieving a peak of EUR 1 billion of business turnover. Today, he is the founder of “Ledo mintys”, a management training and change-building company, and helps organizations to optimize their performance by implementing strategic change, team building and by setting new goals successfully.