German fixed income asset manager “nordIX” will invest at least 3 million Euro in “NEO Finance” loan portfolio using “Chartered Opus” securitization capacity

The Hamburg based asset management company “nordIX” AG has launched a consumer finance fund in April to invest into consumer loans across Europe. Using Luxembourg based securitization company “Chartered Opus” “NordIX” has committed to invest at least EUR 3 million in the consumer loan portfolio formed by Lithuanian fintech startup “NEO Finance” AB.

The Germany-based fund plans to invest at least EUR 3 million in Lithuanian consumer loans issued through the peer-to-peer lending platform “Paskolų klubas” (“Loan club”). Investments will be made regularly in the coming year by acquiring a loan portfolio, which will be formed by “NEO Finance” according to the criteria agreed with the company.

“The arrival of an institutional investor is a great recognition for our mutual lending platform and for the market as a whole. We have created a sustainable alternative to borrowing and investing, which will be even stronger financially from now on, so it will be able to offer more competitive loan interest rates and grow even faster,” says Evaldas Remeikis, Chairman of the Board of “NEO Finance”.

On behalf of “nordIX”, the valuation procedure for “NEO Finance” loan portfolio was performed by the audit, tax and business consulting company “KPMG”. It evaluated the loans already financed through the “Paskolų klubas” platform, performed an analysis of the platform’s processes and examined random loans in detail.

“nordIX” AG has been a fixed income specialist focusing exclusively on bonds and derivatives ever since the company was established back in 2009. Domiciled in Hamburg, “nordIX” manages a number of mutual and segregated funds and develops intelligent investment solutions. In addition to asset management capacities, the company provides brokerage services for bonds and other fixed income products to institutional customers. With 19 employees, “nordIX” supports institutional investors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and manages in various funds several hundred million euros.

“Chartered Investment” supports more than 100 B2B clients in their capital market businesses at 4 locations. More than 500 completed transactions and index solutions as well as over 2.75 billion dollars in securitized assets demonstrate the firms track record and makes it a leading provider to make Alternatives investible. “Chartered Investment” operates “Chartered Opus”, a bank-independent, Luxembourg-based issuance platform for securitized investment products, which manufactures, structures, issues, services, and manages these products throughout their lifecycle.

For more information, please contact:

Evaldas Remeikis, Chairman of the Board of “NEO Finance”, phone +370 620 33300, e-mail

Darius Borisas, Chief Marketing Officer of “NEO Finance”, phone +370 611 11958, email