Halfway through Q2 2024: NEO Finance’s latest initiatives and highlights

Halfway through the second quarter of the year, the NEO Finance team is pleased to share the highlights and initiatives that have been implemented in the last quarter.


Overview of the results of the Paskolų klubas (NEO Finance)

Evaldas Remeikis, Head of Administration, presented the results and highlights of the Paskolų klubas (NEO Finance) platform. The results of the Finomark crowdfunding platform were also discussed. We are pleased to see the high interest of investors and their active participation in the discussions.

Webinars in the NetherlandsAs P2P investing is still in its infancy in these countries, the topics of the seminars were adapted accordingly. The first seminar was aimed at beginner investors, discussing the benefits and strategies of P2P investing. The second workshop was aimed at advanced investors, covering secondary market features, auto-investment options and tax returns.


Promotion of financial literacy.

In 2023, a Spinter Research survey commissioned by the Bank of Lithuania revealed that 63% of Lithuanians believe that their personal financial situation does not depend on them. In addition, a survey by the Association of Lithuanian Banks showed that the financial literacy index scores 45 out of a possible 100 points.


Greta Morkūnaitė about financial literacy

Greta Morkūnaitė, Executive Director of NEO Finance, explored the ways in which parents or guardians save money for their children’s future. You can read more about this in the LRT daily’s article “How parents take care of their children’s financial future around the world”.


Presentation by Evaldas Remeikis at a European Commission event

At the beginning of June, Head of Administration Evaldas Remeikis participated in a Financial Services Users Group (FSUG) event, where he presented “From financial education to digital wallets: how the financial technology revolution is benefiting micro-entrepreneurs, consumers and retail investors”. Evaldas’ presentation focused on investment accounts, crowdfunding and children’s accounts for saving and investing. Children’s savings and investment accounts were of particular interest, as they are key ways to promote financial literacy in society.

Neopay achievements

New functions and recognition

Neopay’s Open Banking division has introduced and improved many additional features in its services over the last quarter. By improving payment initiation, account information and other payment solutions, Neopay is actively joining the ranks of industry leaders, as evidenced by the recognition it has received at various events.
Prague Gaming & TECH Summit

Neopay has been recognised as “Best Payment Service Provider in Central and Eastern Europe”.
Money 20/20

At one of the world’s largest and most influential international financial technology events, Neopay showcased its advanced payment solutions, met with industry leaders and discussed future cooperation opportunities.
The summary

These achievements and events demonstrate our commitment to innovation and delivering the highest quality of service to our customers. Going forward, the NEO Finance team will strive to further strengthen the investor community and raise the level of financial literacy in society. We plan to organise more webinars and events aimed at both novice and experienced investors to provide them with up-to-date knowledge and skills.