Group Structure

NEO Finance, AB company structure

NEO Finance, AB currently owns 3 brands – Paskolų klubas, Neopay and FinoMark.

In 2016, the company was the first to be included by the Bank of Lithuania in the list of peer-to-peer lending platforms. The “Paskolų klubas” brand, administered by NEO Finance, AB, provides peer-to-peer lending services in Lithuania, and is also available for investment in loans to citizens of the European Union, the Free Trade Association and the countries of the European Economic Area, who are familiar with the platform abroad under the “NEO Finance” brand.

In 2015, the company was granted a limited electronic money institution licence and in 2017 an electronic money institution licence, allowing it to provide services throughout the European Union.

In 2018, NEO Finance, AB was the first in Lithuania to obtain licences for payment initiation and account information services. The company provides payment initiation, account information and other payment services under the Neopay brand.

In 2020, NEO Finance, AB acquired the crowdfunding platform FinoMark, UAB, which started operations in February 2021, following its inclusion by the Bank of Lithuania on the list of crowdfunding platform operators.

In 2023, the Bank of Lithuania issued a crowdfunding service provider licence in accordance with the SFR Regulation. The SFR licence allows FinoMark to provide services in all EU and EEA countries. NEO Finance, AB owns 95.32% of the shares of FinoMark, UAB. The company has no branches and/or representative offices.