COVID-19: Neopay goes free to SMEs, media and NGOs to expedite proliferation of online payments

NEO Finance AB
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NEO Finance pledges free services of Neopay online payment collection platform to businesses in the Baltics to minimize economic and social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Neopay enables businesses to receive payments via electronic banking from 7 banks and 56 credit unions as well as most popular financial institutions throughout Estonia and Latvia.

All new clients of Neopay shall receive 2 month free-of-charge period to facilitate swift conversion towards online payments. Zero cost online payment collection is also expected to help balance financial flows of businesses affected by pandemic-related restrictions. Small and medium-sized enterprises covering more than 99 percent of all enterprises in the Baltics are entitled to enrol.

Additionally, charities and other NGOs mobilizing and distributing humanitarian relief to alleviate consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic in the Baltic states shall receive free Neopay services at least until the end of 2020. Same rules apply to Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian media outlets which are increasingly relying on digital subscription solutions.

NEO Finance feels obligated to share online payment initiation opportunities provided by Neopay with a business community to strengthen its resilience against pandemic. To the existing clients, the company pledges lasting commitment to deliver online payment services at the best price in the Baltics. And to our shareholders, we seek to deliver a tangible increase in market share thanks to businesses we’ll help to adapt and survive.


Evaldas Remeikis

Chairman of the Board of NEO Finance