Concerning reduction of the NEO Finance, AB equity capital

After having prepared the financial statements for the second quarter of 2020, it became clear that NEO Finance, AB, legal entity code 303225546, with the registered office at A. Vivulskio str. 7, Vilnius (hereinafter – the Company), the equity became EUR 64,000 lower than required by the Law on Electronic Money and Electronic Money Institutions of the Republic of Lithuania, i.e. less than EUR 350 000. According to the data of 30/06/2020, the equity is equal to 286,000 euros.

By initiative of Board and its Resolution on 17 June 2020 10:00 a. m. was convened an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company (hereinafter – the General meeting of shareholders), during which it was decided to increase authorized capital of the Company by additional contributions issuing 120 007 units of ordinary registered shares.

Taking into account the concluded share subscription agreements, the subscription and payment term of which has already expired, the authorized capital of the Company as soon as possible will be increased by almost 260,000 euros.


Aiva Remeikienė