CORRECTION: NEO Finance, AB Sales report for 2023 Q4 and 2023 interim information

The figures in the table for the year 2022 have been adjusted.

Please find attached interim information for 2023 of NEO Finance AB (hereafter – the Company) – sales results of 2023 Q4 and 2023 interim information.

In 2023, NEO Finance, AB demonstrated positive growth in all business segments:

  • Loans granted amounted to 44 061 thousand EUR. Compared to the same period in 2022, the volume of issued loans increased by 19%.
  • Cost of sales increased by 42 %, from 1 651 thousand EUR to 2 340  thousand EUR.
  • Operating costs increased by 15 %, from 1 721 thousand EUR to 1 986 thousand EUR.
  • EBITDA grew by 70%, from 462 603 EUR to 784 957 EUR.
  • Pre-tax profit amounted to 370 800 EUR, while in 2022, a profit of 158 608 EUR was recorded.
  • Gross profit increased by 184% from EUR 103 895 to EUR 295 473.


2023 m. 2022 m. ∆, %
Loans granted, EUR 44 061 320 37 182 230 19%
Revenue, EUR 4 696 825 3 530 460 33%
Income from P2P lending, EUR 3 034 889 2 352 114 29%
Income from e-money issuance and management, EUR 1 349 404 1 032 988 31%
Income from investment activity, EUR 312 532 145 358 115%
Cost of sales, EUR (2 339 654) (1 650 676) 42%
Gross profit, EUR 2 357 171 1 879 784 25%
General and administrative, other operating and interest expenses (depreciation excluded), EUR (1 986 371) (1 721 176) 15%
EBITDA, EUR 784 957 462 603 70%
Pre-tax profit / loss, EUR 370 800 158 608 134%
EBITDA margin, % 16,71% 13,1%
Gross profit, EUR 295 473 103 895 184%


Results of business segments 2023 Q4

Paskolų Klubas (peer-to-peer lending)

The results of the fourth quarter of 2023 for Paskolų klubas showed consistent growth. When compared to the same period in 2022, there was an 18% increase in loans issued. During the discussed period, the most consumer credits were granted in October – a record 4.4 million EUR. This is the largest amount of loans issued throughout the existence of Paskolų klubas. The loan portfolio managed by peer-to-peer lending activities reached 70.7 million EUR at the end of the fourth quarter of last year and increased by 4.5 million EUR from 66.2 million EUR over the quarter. We observe increasing engagement from parents/guardians in creating a financial future for their children – during the fourth quarter of 2023, 42 child welfare accounts were opened in Paskolų klubas, compared to just four in the corresponding quarter of 2022. The implementation of automated solutions to make conditions more convenient for users contributed to this change. Such a trend is encouraging and shows a changing attitude towards long-term investing and trust in our platform. Seeing the growing interest from Benelux countries investors in our platform and correspondingly increasing investment portfolio, we decided to participate in the annual largest investor event Beleggersfair, which took place on November 10, 2023, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. NEO Finance participated as one of the main sponsors alongside financial market players like Etoro, Saxo Bank, Societe Generale. Evaluating the results achieved so far, we believe in the potential of this market and aim to utilize the opportunities that arise.

Neopay (open banking)

Revenues related to electronic money issuance in the fourth quarter of last year grew by 33% to EUR 394 thousand, compared to EUR 296 thousand in the fourth quarter of 2022. Neopay’s fourth quarter this year was once again successful, with the number of transactions growing by 28% compared to the same quarter in 2022. The fourth quarter was marked by significant functional updates, geared towards customer needs. For example, clients were provided the ability to effectively categorize bank transactions by expenditure types, such as food, healthcare, or transport, allowing them to better understand and manage their finances. Neopay payment solutions have become more accessible, allowing the use of payment services without programming knowledge. Moreover, we implemented a feature that allows payment windows to be adapted without the Neopay brand, maintaining brand anonymity. A new strategic partnership with Catego was initiated, which strengthened our market positions and expanded collaboration opportunities. Additionally, the company actively participated in significant events and exhibitions, such as “European Gaming Congress” and “Future Finance Poland” in Warsaw, showcasing our innovations and strengthening ties with market participants.

Finomark (crowdfunding)

The crowdfunding platform FinoMark facilitated the issuance of business loans worth EUR 694 thousand in the fourth quarter of 2023, compared to EUR 956 thousand financed in the fourth quarter of 2022. The company’s revenue in Q4 2023 reached EUR 80 thousand, compared to EUR 86 thousand in Q4 2022. The company still incurred a loss of EUR 5,6 thousand in Q4 2023. During the fourth quarter, significant updates were made to improve customer experience and platform functionality. Loan recipients were granted more flexible payment management options, including deferred payments and the formation of single-line payment schedules. Updates to the FinoMark website, including expanded statistics viewing options and project descriptions, provide investors with more detailed information about investment opportunities. Moreover, the BuyBack feature update has doubled the investment protection to 1,000 EUR, and the loan payment process has become even faster. A significant step in the company’s operations was the acquisition of a European license, allowing for the continuation of crowdfunding activities throughout the European Union. These updates and achievements demonstrate our commitment to excellence, responding to the needs of our clients and the latest market trends, aiming to provide services of the highest quality.


The full interim report of NEO Finance AB (legal entity code: 303225546; registered address: Vivulskio g. 7, Vilnius, Lithuania) and the Sales report for Q4 of 2023, with confirmation by the responsible persons, are available for review in the attached document.